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When active, James have always been a very prolific bunch and with the release of new album ‘Yummy’, the band’s second era has now yielded the same amount of albums as the first!

‘Yummy’ is the groups eighteenth album (not including compilations, live albums and EP’s!), and it follows last year’s ‘Be Opened by the Wonderful’, which saw the band reimaging some of their favourite tracks in orchestral form.

With a runtime pushing fifty-four minutes, it’s safe to say that the creative juices are still flowing on ‘Yummy’, and the opening salvo of ‘Is This Love’ and ‘Life’s A Fucking Miracle’ offer an intoxicating welcome to listeners.

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James – ‘Is This Love’

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Always willing to experiment and test their artistic capabilities, James once again emerge with an eclectic and enthralling collection of songs which entices the listener to escape the madness of the world and get lost in the beauty of music.

That escapism is pretty key to the enjoyability of the record as the subject matters are pretty depressing when facing up to the realities of life in 2024. Sonically though the album is joyously uplifting and dances through adversity with the band taking aim at environmental disaster, the mental health pandemic, AI, conspiracies and more.

By the time the band say goodbye on the album closing ‘Folks’, they’ve taken you on a wondrous journey through their unique and captivating artistry. ‘Yummy’ is therefore yet another fine example of why James are such an underappreciated national treasure.

With every release James showcase their innate ability to stir something heartening even when surrounded by darkness. Fans of the band are blessed by their current form and ‘Yummy’ is a delightful addition to their stunning back catalogue.

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