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OK Human

Weezer OK Human Album Cover
Weezer – ‘OK Human’

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Weezer – OK Human – Album Review

The pandemic has changed everyone’s plans multiple times over and many in the music industry have had to make big changes. Weezer have already had to reschedule tours and album releases. Now they have completely thrown out the rule book.

The highly anticipated ‘Van Hammer’ is now scheduled for release on May 7th 2021. That’s almost an entire year later than originally planned. Not resting on their laurels however, the band has been busy and this week we are treated to the surprise release of ‘OK Human’!

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Coming in around the thirty minute mark the album is a little on the short side but what is in there is splendid. This isn’t a rocker of an album from the band; it’s mostly an easy listening affair in truth. There isn’t a lot that jumps out with opening track ‘All My Favorite Songs’ perhaps the song with the most set list longevity.

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This is still a very good album from a band whose sound has always been interchangeable. There isn’t a bad moment on the album and fans will enjoy it. Realistically this feels like a present to their fan base as opposed to any attempt to garner a new audience.

Weezer – ‘Aloo Gobi’

That’s probably exactly what we need right now though. This is an album that you can work from home to; or cook Sunday dinner to.

But whilst this album certainly focuses in on the softer side of the band, it is still very much Weezer doing what Weezer does best.

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