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The Bitter Truth

Evanescence The Bitter Truth Album Cover
Evanescence – ‘The Bitter Truth’

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Evanescence – The Bitter Truth – Album Review

Evanescence are an interesting entity. Officially a group for over 25 years but with only three all original studio albums if we don’t include 2017’s ‘Synthesis’. Amy Lee remains the only original member, and only member to survive from 2003’s breakthrough debut album ‘Fallen’.

It can’t be argued that the band are not absolutely huge despite this lack of new material. In fact, you are left to wonder what a more prolific band could have achieved. Now in 2021, the band are back with their first all new studio album since their self-titled 2011 release.

What should we expect from the band? Can they produce anything as good as their early albums? Well, it’s evident from very early on that this is a return to form for the band. There is plenty of what we have come to expect from Evanescence but there is also a good deal of experimentation. Certainly enough to keep the album interesting as it progresses.

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‘Feeding The Dark’ and ‘Better Without You’ remind you how gloriously heavy yet anthemic the band can get. Meanwhile ‘Use My Voice’, ‘Take Cover’ and ‘Far From Heaven’ help to explore the versatility of the band.

Evanescence – ‘Use My Voice’

Having gone ten years since their last album you could be forgiven for questioning the bands drive. With a release like ‘The Bitter Truth’ however you must now question what could have been had the band managed a more regimented release schedule.

What ‘The Bitter Truth’ does is make you remember just how good Evanescence can be, and hope that it’s not another ten years before they follow it up!

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