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The Coral

Coral Island

The Coral Coral Island Album Cover
The Coral – ‘Coral Island’

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‘Coral Island’ is the tenth studio album from The Coral. Over the course of their near three decades as a group the band have consistently produced top quality music. Music that almost defies genre as the band embrace a plethora of influences to create what is undoubtedly The Coral.

Expectations for their tenth album therefore may have been mute. Realistically fans know from their track record that the album will be good, meaning that anticipation isn’t based in suspense. Well, that is until you know that for their tenth album the band has set out to create their masterpiece.

The Coral – ‘Faceless Angel’

‘Coral Island’ is not just another album from the band. Spread over two disks, this concept album stretches just shy of an hour. Twenty-four tracks including spoken word intervals, ‘Coral Island’ tells the story of a fictional town by the coast.

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You are sucked into this world as the band manage to demonstrate their dexterity whilst showcasing their careers evolution track by track. ‘Coral Island’ is a piece of art, and deserves to be heard as such, so it isn’t worth pinpointing particular songs. This album demands your attention and for a band now so far into their career this is some achievement.

Yes, the group have managed to create something very special indeed. Despite a career built on quality, it turns out that they can still up their game yet higher. It does feel fitting for The Coral that the bands tenth album may just be their best yet.

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