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Royal Blood Typhoons Album Cover
Royal Blood – ‘Typhoons’

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Royal Blood shot to the number one spot with their self-titled debut album in 2014. They then repeated that achievement with their follow up, ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ in 2017. Now in 2021, they return with their third studio album – ‘Typhoons’.

The question is can they once again hit the number one spot? In order to do so ‘Typhoons’ will need to match the quality of its predecessors. So, the real question becomes does this album live up to the high standards that the duo have set so far?

Royal Blood – ‘Trouble’s Coming’

Thankfully for both Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher the answer to that question is evident immediately as ‘Trouble’s Coming’ instantly gets your head banging and your foot tapping. The thunderous drums and ripping riffs that shot the band to fame are still here. In fact, it’s also evident early that whilst this is still very much Royal Blood there is clear evolution.

That’s not to say that they have changed direction, but certain elements of the bands sound are definitely amplified on ‘Typhoons’. The duo however manage to amplify these electronic elements without losing their rock attitude and resonance. Whilst the likes of ‘Limbo’ may feel out of place on their debut album, it doesn’t feel out of place in the bands catalogue. This is a testament to the duo’s ability to craft catchy hard hitting music.

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‘Typhoons’, ‘Boilermaker’ and ‘Oblivion’ are amongst the best that the band has produced thus far. On this album they have shown that they are no one trick pony and that their future remains very bright indeed. The band are already arena fillers and with this album they have continued a trajectory to be one of the biggest bands in the world.

Finally, let’s answer that question. Don’t be surprised when this album hits number one. It has the quality of its predecessors in abundance, whilst showing clear progression. It is most definitely a hit!

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