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The Datsuns

Eye to Eye

The Datsuns Album Cover Eye To Eye
The Datsuns – ‘Eye to Eye’

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The massive mainstream success of Nu-Metal in the late nineties and early 2000’s over shone a generation of great bands. Whilst these bands still achieved some success, in the long run the oversaturation of nu-metal on the rock and metal scene led to the stifling of the long term success of many great bands. Most of these bands have long disappeared but one still plugging away is The Datsuns.

The New Zealand natives enjoyed moderate success with the release of their self-titled debut in 2002. Since then they have continued to release consistently good music, without the same acclaim. Some say that rock died years ago, but in reality the mainstream simply moved on. There are still many great bands doing their thing, some new and some, in the case of The Datsuns, slightly older!

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‘Eye to Eye’ is the latest album from the band and is another solid addition to their back catalogue. Had the band emerged in the last year or two, they’d likely be clumped in with the so called New Wave of Classic Rock. Hitting the waves when they did they inevitably were designated to the garage rock revival that coincided with the end of nu-metal. Call them what you want, but really The Datsuns are just a great rock ‘n’ roll band.

From opening track ‘Dehumanise’ through the likes of ‘White Noise Machine’ and ‘Sweet Talk’ the band showcase their credentials and establish ‘Eye To Eye’ as another victory for a band who refuse to die. These songs are perfect for the live setting, a sweaty, dirty little club to be precise.

The Datsuns – ‘Brain to Brain’

Hopefully when the world opens up again, The Datsuns can head back to the UK and showcase their talents again. The band deserve far more recognition than they receive, as do a whole generation of great rock bands. The Datsuns continue to wave that flag and the likes of ‘Brain to Brain’ and ‘Moongazer’ justify their tenacity!  

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