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Wolf Alice

Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice Blue Weekend Album Cover
Wolf Alice – ‘Blue Weekend’

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The success of Wolf Alice has always had an air of inevitability despite their desire to do things their own way. Their success comes not from compromise but from confidence that their quality will shine through.

With the release of their third album, ‘Blue Weekend’, you will doubtless hear many superlatives thrown the bands way and rightfully so. The universal acclaim that will likely follow this album is deserved. Wolf Alice are a band that has somewhat defied convention and attained their reputation simply for the consistent quality of their music.

Wolf Alice – ‘Smile’

‘Blue Weekend’ continues the evolution of the bands sound, entwined with experimentation and familiarity. The album is a rollercoaster, full of peaks and troughs, twists and turns, that leaves you wanting to hop straight back on.

This record feels like it comes from a band at the peak of their powers, but knowing this group, they will still have plenty more to come. As the band grow into bonifide superstars, they can do so knowing they have earned it. This album as a whole is magnificent, but the likes of ‘Smile’, ‘No Hard Feelings’ and ‘The Last Man On Earth’ will grace their set lists for years to come.

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After three truly great albums, there is now no denying Wolf Alice their spot at the top of music world. ‘Blue Weekend’ manages to grow the bands sound without alienating what brought them to the dance. This is a special album and it deserves all the praise that it will no doubt receive.

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