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Salvation Jayne

A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite

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We are passionate about new music at Full Pelt Music, and that’s why we launched our ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist and Podcast last year. One act to feature on the Playlist has been Kent alt-rockers Salvation Jayne. Is there anything better than discovering a new act? Perhaps when they release their debut album?

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Well, that point in time has arrived for Salvation Jayne with the release of ‘A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite’, so we just had to check it out.

The album bursts into life with the towering opener ‘Apathetic Apologies’ and the pace rarely drops throughout the rest of the album; and it’s a meaty album at over 50 minutes long.

Salvation Jayne – ‘Apathetic Apologies’

There aren’t really any standout songs on the album, and that’s purely down to the high overall quality. Every song deserves recognition but we will pinpoint ‘Drink You Down’ as a particular favourite.

‘A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite’ is very well crafted with the soaring vocals and crisp guitars elevating the music above your standard alt-rock stock. There is a beautiful cocktail of genres and influences present on here, all neatly wrapped up and presented with an almost pop bow on top.

By the time the album closes on ‘Poveglia’, the efforts of Salvation Jayne have certainly paid off with spectacular results. This is truly a glorious triumph of a debut album from a band with a very bright future. Really, isn’t it just great finding fantastic new music?

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