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Alternate Realities

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In a very short period of time Danish rock band H.E.R.O. have established themselves as purveyors of soaring anthemic pop rock. Despite the disruptions of the past few years the band are now releasing their third album since 2019.

H.E.R.O. – ‘Gravity’

That album is entitled ‘Alternate Realities’ and shows no easing off the throttle. Bursting straight to life with the ambitious ‘Gravity’, and ‘Lead The Blind’ which features Philip Strand of Normandie. That certainly feels like a match made in heaven with H.E.R.O.’s sound following a similar path to that band and many others.

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Whilst those singles set the tone very much for what follows on the record, there is no lull over the following eight tracks, either in terms of intensity or indeed quality. The likes of ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Made to be Broken’ particularly maintain the albums energy levels.

Whilst the fusion of rock and pop is far from a new concept, the likes of Bring Me The Horizon have broken ground and engaged new audiences for the genre hybrid. Many acts have since attempted to follow in those footsteps with many feeling forced and disjointed; that can’t be said of ‘Alternate Realities’, with H.E.R.O. surrounding natural and polished.

Perhaps the best example of this is the Melissa Bonny featuring single, ‘Monster’, as the track lives up its name with its monstrous chorus and thunderous riffs!

The album closes out with the tender ‘Heavy Heart’ which really showcases the softer side of the band, and neatly puts the icing on the very delicious cake that is ‘Alternate Realities’.

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