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How We Function

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BERRIES – How We Function – Album Review

Having just begun to make a name for themselves, the lockdown of 2020 came at a particularly frustrating time for BERRIES. As with all new acts at the time, the group faced unprecedented challenges in continuing to build much needed momentum.

Many such acts didn’t make it through the next two years, but after signing with the fantastic Xtra Mile Recordings, BERRIES haven’t just survived but they’ve started to thrive. The band have been picking up new fans with every show and now fans are being treated to ‘How We Function’, the group’s debut album that promises to catapult the band to success.

The album is an absolute delight from the very opening moments and there is no dip in quality at any point. With high hopes for this release, I must say that I find myself surprised that the band have somehow managed to far surpass even those expectations.

This is a superbly crafted pop rock album which is able to take the best aspects of both of those genres and none of the negatives. Blistering guitars, driving rhythm and catchy vocals are centre stage across all twelve of the tracks.

BERRIES – ‘We Are Machines’

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Yes, this is an album packed full of earworms that you’ll have stuck in your head for days after listening. The likes of ‘Copy’, ‘Wall Of Noise’ and ‘We Are Machines’ which were released as singles were a fine example of what to expect. All too often the singles on an album are the standout tracks and the full affair is a let-down, but ‘How We Function’ is a collection of twelve single quality songs.

The album is thematically relatable with Mental Health a key thread throughout, as the band show they aren’t afraid to tackle the tricky subjects.

BERRIES are a band with a purpose, and importantly a band that can back that up with talent. It’s this combination which makes this such a stunning debut, and that makes you feel that the future is very bright for the band!

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