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the classic symptoms of a broken spirit

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Just 18 months removed from their stunning and evolutionary ninth album, ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’, Architects are back album with their tenth album, ‘the classic symptoms of a broken spirit’!

Momentum is certainly on the bands side, so striking while the iron is hot, the band are right to release their follow up so soon after such a well received record. This is borne out through the substantiated quality of this album.

A dud of an album at this point could be a momentum killer – see ‘Temper Temper’, so this is a calculated risk from the band. That calculation however was right with them clearly knowing the quality of the music they had.

Architects – ‘deep fake’

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The album is straight into the action on opener ‘deep fake’, and manages to keep a relentless pace throughout the next forty plus minutes. There is no dip in either ferocity or excellence as the likes of singles ‘tear gas’, ‘when we were young’ and ‘a new moral low ground’ demonstrate.

The depth on this album is truly impressive though as beyond the singles you still have tracks as good as ‘spit the bone’, doomscrolling’ and ‘all the love in the world’. In reality there isn’t a bad track on another superb offering from one of heavy music’s biggest hopes.

They may now be ten albums in, but over the past three, Architects are shown their development and progression to something much bigger than their beginnings. Their upcoming tour with Biffy Clyro will introduce them to an even more diverse audience, and as they continue to break the mainstream and pickup fans, the world very much is their oyster!

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