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After more than a decade of scratching and clawing, momentum is finally behind VUKOVI as they release their third album, ‘NULA’. Both of this albums predecessors, 2017’s self-titled debut and 2020 follow up ‘Fall Better’ have felt like breakthrough moments only for momentum to stall.

In the aftermath of their debut, two members departed and soon after ‘Fall Better’ was released, the world stopped for the pandemic that derailed so many bands. Thankfully VUKOVI are one band that have made it through and have new music to show for it!

Top tier live shows and a slew of promising singles have rebuilt that all important momentum and now ‘NULA’ is upon us to surely push the band to the next level. The stars finally appeared aligned but there is one all important deciding factor remaining – is the album any good?


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Ominous opening ‘DEPATURE’ instantly sucks us in and prepares us for the journey we are about to embark on. ‘TAINTED’ and ‘LASSO’ then lock the listener in and ensure they are going nowhere.

Musically immediate and fearless, ‘NULA’, feels like a statement in every sense of the word. Pre-release singles ‘SLO’, ‘I EXIST’, ‘KILL IT’ and ‘HURT’ all set what could’ve been an unattainable standard for the album as a whole. Thankfully the remaining tracks and the cohesiveness of the album manages to maintain and elevate that standard.

Whichever way you want to look at it this is the statement we suggest is it – sonically, thematically and in relation to the viability of the band. The album finishes with a statement of a song in ‘XX’ to really drive the message home.

What message? Well amongst other socially important ones, the fact that the time is very much now for a band long overdue sustained success!

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