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I’ve always held a belief that whilst the enormous success of Nu-Metal brought great attention on rock music, it also buried what was an incredible British rock scene. That scene was packed full of fantastic bands that whilst they had success they never reached the levels that their output deserved.

One key band of this scene was Hundred Reasons, who won’t register on many young rock fans radars these days, but are likely your favourite bands favourite band! The influence of the likes of Hundred Reasons stretches far and wide even if you don’t know it.

Having entered a hiatus well over a decade ago, it seemed that Hundred Reasons would remain a wonderful memory from the past. That is, until late last year when the band surprised fans with news of a brand new album, ‘Glorious Sunset’!

Well, that album is now with us and it’s time for the band to show a new generation of rock fans just what made them so special the first time around.

Hundred Reasons – ‘Replicate’

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As soon as you press play, you are instantly sucked in to those beautiful soaring hooks, those delicate, emotive moments, those brash riffs, those all out rocking flashes and just the pure majesty that the band is able to create.

Whilst naturally the pre-album singles like ‘Glorious Sunset’, ‘New Glasses’, ‘Replicate’ and ‘The Old School Way’ lead the way, there really isn’t a bad track on this album. At just thirty-six minutes, the album absolutely flies by and leaves you eager to hit the play button again.

So many criminally underappreciated rock bands from the early 2000’s have sadly been lost to the ages, but thank goodness that we have Hundred Reasons back in our lives and that they return at their magnificent best!

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