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News Report

Foo Fighters announce UK Tour

Welcome everyone to another edition of our weekly music News Report!

We start this week with a run of huge live announcements and they didn’t get bigger last week than the UK return of Foo Fighters!

The band will play seven enormous stadium shows across the UK next June, and tickets are flown out!

Joining the band at the various shows will be Wet Leg, Courtney Barnett, Loose Articles, Chroma, Honeyblood, Shame, Hot Milk and Himalayas!

Check ticket availability here.

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Muse announce new UK shows

Another mammoth act with new shows on the horizon are Muse, who are fresh from finishing another huge summer stadium tour.

The trio will be heading back inside this autumn with arena shows set in Manchester and London as they continue the ‘Will of the People’ World Tour.

Special guests for these shows will be Nova Twins!

Tickets will be here.

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Circa Waves reveal intimate dates

From Stadiums, to Arenas and now some of the best intimate venues in the UK!

Circa Waves have announced details of a special run of UK live dates from which a portion of the profits will be donated to local foodbanks in each town they are touring through.

The band had the following to say about the decision to show their support.

“We’re so happy to be supporting food banks on our next tour. In this current climate where the cost of living crisis is hitting everyone we know that being able to feed your family is no longer a given. We will be playing a handful of small intimate shows with a percentage of profits going to local food banks in each area. Can’t wait to see you there.”

Tickets are here.

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Those Damn Crows set UK Tour

There are still a handful more great tour announcements to come in our News Report, and up next are Those Damn Crows.

The group have announce ‘The Takedown Tour’, which will take place this October.

Tickets are here.

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The Virginmarys announce UK live dates

Also announcing new UK live dates this week were The Virginmarys, with the duo out on the road in August and September.

Tickets are here.

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REWS reveal new UK Tour

Finally for this section of our News Report is the news that REWS will be taking new album, ‘Meridians’ on tour this autumn!

The album is out on October 13th and ticket and album bundles are available now here.

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News Report

Blur release new track ‘St. Charles Square’

Blur – ‘St. Charles Square’

We move our News Report on now to the best new releases from the past week and can’t start anywhere else other than with Blur!

The group are preparing for their Wembley Stadium shows and have debuted new track, ‘St. Charles Square’, which you can check out above.

Damon Albarn said of the track – “St. Charles Square is a place where the ghosts of monsters can be found.” 

The track comes ahead of new album, ‘The Ballad of Darren’, which is out July 21st.

Pre-order your copy here.

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Greta Van Fleet share ‘The Falling Sky’

Greta Van Fleet – ‘The Falling Sky’

Greta Van Fleet this week shared their latest offering, ‘The Falling Sky’, which you can check out above.

The track will feature on upcoming new album, ‘Starcatcher’, which is out on 21st July.

“An unwavering warrior carrying on the endless, eternal, and impossible battle for salvation; these were the elements of symbolism associated with this particular track,” explains guitarist Jake Kiszka. “In essence our fate is sealed, alike the stars that fall from the almighty heavens to the earth. This philosophy is carried through in the story of a bluesman, at the crossroads of the universe.”

Pre-order your copy here.

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Mammoth WVH debut ‘Take A Bow’

Mammoth WVH – ‘Take A Bow’

Next up in our News Report is ‘Take A Bow’, the latest single from Mammoth WVH, which you can check out above.

The song comes ahead of new album, ‘Mammoth II’, which is released August 4th.

Pre-order your copy here.

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Bowling For Soup announce ‘Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 2’

Bowling For Soup – ‘1985 (BFS Version)’

Bowling For Soup have revealed details of new collection, ‘Songs People Actually Liked – Voume 2’, which focuses on tracks from 2004 to 2009.

You can check out a new BFS version of their hit single, ‘1985’, above.

Here are some thoughts from BFS main man Jaret Reddick about the upcoming Volume 2 of their Greatest Hits:

“Having a “Greatest Hits” is one of things you sort of dream about as a kid, but deep down, it’s more if a fantasy really. Now here we are realizing our second and we have nearly made it to half way through our career.

I was nervous about these songs. Sonically, on the originals, they were already “there.” But I think like everything in our band, the years add something to the luster, and it certainly happened here!

The songs are still intact with their original selves. But I think you will feel a different energy. In a good way.”

Pre-order your copy here.

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Holding Absence debut ‘Honey Moon’

Holding Absence – ‘Honey Moon’

Holding Absence continue to build towards the release of upcoming new album, ‘The Noble Art of Self Destruction’, which is out August 25th.

Recently the group share new single, ‘Honey Moon’, which you can check out above.

The band shared, “‘Honey Moon’ is perhaps Holding Absence’s most beautiful song to date! A track inspired by the Pixies and Deftones – this is a lovesick poem that looks to the stars to portray a deep, isolated yearning for the love of another.”

Pre-order your copy here.

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Underoath debut ‘Lifeline (Drowning)’

Underoath – ‘Lifeline (Drowning)’

Underoath have shared their newest stand-alone single, ‘Lifeline (Drowning)’, which you can check out above.

Speaking on the new single, Underoath said ““Lifeline (Drowning)” is a cry for help… I feel like we’ve all been there, be it as simple as miscommunication or a full on toxic relationship – that very feeling that you cannot tread water like this any longer or you may end up drowning. We wanted to create a song centered around the melody that could still hold the energy of a full blown heavy song.”

More here.

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Caskets share ‘Better Way Out’

Caskets – ‘Better Way Out’

Caskets, who recently announced their new album, ‘Reflections’, for an August 11th release, have released an affirming new single, ‘Better Way Out’, which you can check out above.

Speaking of the track, frontman Matt Flood says, “Better Way Out is a song that relates to suicidal thoughts and tendencies. It’s a song about noticing and understanding the trials and tribulations of life, about rising above the feelings of depression and anxiety and knowing your self worth. To have somebody say that they see you and they hear you, or to have a community by your side while you go through these daily battles isn’t something afforded to everybody. So many of us can blindly walk through the barriers that we build inside our heads, alone without a shoulder to cry on or a friend to lend an ear.”

”No matter what you’ve been through and might still be going through… there are always routes out of your situation.” he states. “You are strong, you are beautiful, you are loved and you are enough. Don’t walk that road alone. We all need each other.

Pre-order your album here.

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Fixation announce ‘More Subtle Than Death’

Fixation – ‘Flat Earth’

Fixation have announced details of their highly anticipated debut album. ‘More Subtle Than Death’ will be released September 8th.

Fixation states: “We didn’t want to limit ourselves to one particular sound, although the album sounds like Fixation as a whole, there are songs that are more poppy, more heavy, more grandiose and symphonic and more straight forward rock songs. The subjects in the songs are things that frightens and worries us about the state of the world today. These are things that we want to see change in.”

You can check out the latest single from the band ‘Flat Earth’ above.

Pre-orders will be available soon here.

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Dream State share ‘Chin Up Princess’

Dream State – ‘Chin Up Princess’

Our News Report continues with another great new release from Dream State.

The group have shared their latest new single, ‘Chin Up Princess’, which you can of course check out above!

More here.

Listen to ‘Chin Up Princess’ on our Spotify Hot List!

Grian Chatten debuts ‘All of the People’

Grian Chatten – ‘All of the People’

Grian Chatten has released his debut album, ‘Chaos for the Fly’, and ahead of the release he shared the last pre-release single, ‘All of the People’, which you can check out above.

On the single Grian explains: “All of the people is the stiff collar tight-fisted hand to the grindstone written where all is blue and everyone is a liar. It is a line of chalk scratched around the world.”

Grab a copy of the album here.

Listen to ‘All of the People’ on our Spotify Hot List!

Almost Nothing debut ‘Anything Whatever’

Almost Nothing – ‘Anything Whatever’

Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble this week announced his new band Almost Nothing and shared their debut single, ‘Anything Whatever’, which you can check out above.

The band have also revealed their self-titled debut album will arrive later this year with pre-orders here.

Listen to ‘Anything Whatever’ on our Spotify Hot List!

Marc Hudson debuts ‘Astralive’

Marc Hudson – ‘Astralive’

Dragonforce singer Marc Hudson has revealed details of his debut solo album, ‘Starbound Stories’, which is out August 25th.

This week saw Hudson share lead single, ‘Astralive’, which you can check out above.

Hudson on the single, “’Astralive’ is the first single from the album and takes the listener on a power metal journey through space and time. This song explores the cosmic mysteries of the universe and mankind’s eternal search for wisdom beyond the stars.”

Hudson adds, “It is with great pride that I can finally announce my signing to Napalm Records. I’m very grateful for the label’s belief in me as a solo artist and can’t wait to have Napalm on my side to show Starbound Stories to the world!”

Pre-order your copy here.

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News Report

As always we conclude our News Report with the latest additions to our ‘Discover’ New Music Playlist!

News Report
Wilmette – ‘No One Knew’

Illinois pop punk 5-piece Wilmette has released, ‘No One Knew’, the next single off the band’s long-awaited debut full-length, ‘Hyperfocused’, out on August 4th.

Vocalist Aaron Hailey says, “It’s about the guilt of not being able to help someone through a hard time, and the helpless feeling that comes with being there while they struggle.”

Guitarist Griffin Guge adds, “We tracked this song exactly halfway through the recording process. It was a point where we thought we knew where the record was going until we got to this song.

There was a lot of room to grow on the track, and we definitely got excited to experiment with a lot of cool guitar sounds. One of my favorites of which is in the bridge. We used a variety of unconventional guitar techniques as well as pedals to quite literally make it sound like the song is breaking and the building you’re in is coming down. I think it was very fitting for the part.”

Major Moment – ‘Overcome’

Pop-Metal band Major Moment are back with their new single ‘Overcome’!

“‘Overcome’ was inspired by our music journey and is about prevailing over difficult times and persevering against all odds. But if we zoom out and look at our everyday lives, full of conflicts, health issues, losses, financial struggles, aspirations, wins and failures, we see a similar theme everyone can relate to, the one of pain and, as a result of overcoming it, personal growth. ‘Overcome’ is the anthem made for all creators out there struggling to get their voices heard, doubting every day if it’s worth fighting for.” – Vocalist, Sasha.

News Report
News Report
Crushed By Waves – ‘Won’t Get Out Alive’

UK alt-rockers Crushed By Waves have shared new single, ‘Won’t Get Out Alive’.

Crushed By Waves write from experience, with the new track being a statement of why they are putting everything into their art.   The band explain:

“Won’t Get Out Alive is all about keeping the faith, pushing through the hardest times, holding on, and never giving up, even if it kills us. When we see our music can bring a room full of strangers together, the energy in that room is worth dying for, it actually gives us life.”

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