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The last few years have proven to be a highly transitional time for PVRIS. Pandemic navigating releases, line-up changes, record label moves and expansions of their sound have all compounded a period of tumultuous change.

Throughout all of this Lynn Gunn has steered the ship through stormy waters and PVRIS remain on a steady course towards delivering on their enormous early promise. Now with the release of their fourth studio album, ‘EVERGREEN’, it feels like PVRIS are ready to show the truest form of themselves.

This candid and refreshing record is a stunning journey of sonic exploration across eleven tracks, all of which add something significant to the album as a whole. That said, it’s worth noting that this may be the most cohesive collection from the band yet.


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Whether delivering heavy rock hooks, serenading us with delicate moments of melancholy or exploring recent EDM influences, ‘EVERGREEN’ sees Gunn at her creative peak. Gunn has always shown great ambition musically and that shines through intensely on this album.

Having caught PVRIS live at Slam Dunk Festival this summer, we can attest that the likes of ‘ANIMAL’ and ‘GODDESS’ sound absolutely huge live and you feel listening to this album that plenty of other tracks will also excel in the live setting.

After a period of upheaval, ‘EVERGREEN’ is the perfect statement needed from Gunn that the project remains not just viable but also striving for greatness!

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