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As December Falls

Join The Club

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If one thing is for sure with As December Falls it’s that the band isn’t afraid of hard graft. Recent years have seen the band play every stage willing to host them and new album, ‘Join the Club’, represents their third studio album in less than five years!

But then what is the old saying? “Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Given their chosen style of music is joyous pop punk, it’s no stretch to imagine that the band feel this way.

‘Join the Club’ is an instantly fun-filled romp through the genre which doesn’t let up throughout its thirty-two minute runtime. If you are a pop punk fan then this album is a perfect example of everything good about the oft maligned music.

As December Falls – ‘Join The Club’

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At its core ‘Join the Club’ is simply an enjoyable collection of songs which just flies by when listening, which is always a good sign. Deeper down its an expansion of the groups previous two efforts with the band sounding more assured and ready to take over the world.

Hard work sadly doesn’t always pay off in life and certainly not in the music industry, but everything does seem to be falling into place for As December Falls to climb the echelons of this tricky business. ‘Join the Club’ is exactly the album they need to capitalise on their current momentum, so it will be exciting to see where they go next!

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