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Over the course of their twenty-five year career Skindred have etched themselves into the consciousness of the British metal scene. One of the most loved live bands on the circuit, the band have also built up an impressive catalogue of songs to get audiences moving.

‘Smile’ is the groups eighth studio album and finds the band in impeccable form as they once again showcase their power to entice and engage. This is a spectacular summer record which is guaranteed to get the listener pumped up and ready to stand in a field swinging their t-shirt above their head!

Skindred have built their reputation on their live shows and this sometimes means that their recorded works are underappreciated. It’s easy to pigeonhole the band, even if they are put into their own unique box, but on ‘Smile’ you can again feel the creative dexterity they possess within the undertones of the record.

Skindred – ‘Unstoppable’

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The prolificacy of the band is immense, but again can sometimes lead to accusations of being a one trick pony. Across this album though whilst the band are again prolific (there’s not a bad track to be found), when you dig down beyond the pre-release singles you can get a real sense of the sonic palette on offer.

Whilst ‘Gimme That Boom’, ‘Set Fazers’, ‘L.O.V.E. (Smile Please)’ and ‘Unstoppable’ are designed to sound massive live, the likes of ‘Mama’, ‘If I Could’, ‘This Appointed Love’, ‘Addicted’ and ‘State of the Union’ are equally enjoyable and make this album more than worth your time.

It’s great that whilst on the live circuit the band are enjoying their biggest successes (Wembley anyone?), twenty-five years in Skindred can also still deliver the goods in the studio!

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