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The Hives

The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons

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The hives – the death of randy fitzsimmons – album review

The Hives have always been a phenomenal live band and earlier this summer the UK seemed to realise this on a larger scale when the band played as special guests on the mammoth Arctic Monkeys stadium tour.

The Hives, as expected, blew the headliners out the water and now it’s time for the band to remind everyone just how good they are on record. After all, ‘The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons’ is the group’s first new studio album in over 11 years!

That’s far too long to wait for another frantic release of energy in the manner that only The Hives can deliver. The album bursts straight into life with ‘Bogus Operandi’, ‘Trapdoor Solution’ and ‘Countdown to Shutdown’ and it never really stops for breath any at point.

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The Hives – ‘Bogus Operandi’

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Yes, on record the band are equally as exuberantly riotous as they are on the stage. The runtime of circa thirty minutes is ideal and ensures that the listener’s attention is never even tested in the slightest. Indeed you’ll just want to hit play again straight away.

There may not be any earth-shattering developments to their sound since their last effort, but let’s all be honest, nobody would’ve wanted that. This is The Hives doing what only they do and doing so elegantly well!

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