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Within Temptation

Bleed Out

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‘Bleed Out’ represents another evolution for Within Temptation as their sound and lyrical content takes a darker more resilient tone. Across the album the band show that they aren’t afraid to speak about the issues that matter to them, and the result is perhaps the most important record of their career.

It’s a record that was created over a longer time due to the pandemic and has seen the band share over half of the tracks ahead of the release. There’s perhaps not a lot here to surprise fans therefore as they should’ve gotten the gist already but the overall progression is more than enough to capture and hold interest.

Within Temptation – ‘Bleed Out’

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As touched upon, the sonic gravitas of the album is much more encompassing with less emphasis on the expected operatic vocals of Sharon den Adel. Those spectacular soaring choruses are still on here but there are many moments where den Adel hits the lower registers and the band down-tunes with darker guitar sounds.

Given the subject matters including war and women fighting oppression this tweak in sound fits well and shows a greater range from the band than we’ve fully experienced before. It’s refreshing for a band pushing three decades in and with such a distinctive sound to be brave enough to do things differently.

With ‘Bleed Out’, Within Temptation continue to grow their brand, so it’s also valiant that they are willing to call out issues and to sneak a pun in ‘stand their ground’! Whether you are a fan already or just picking up on the band, ‘Bleed Out’ is well worth your time.

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