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 “from strangers into brothers, from brothers into strangers one again”. The Blink 182 story doesn’t sound real when you recount all the trials, tribulations and brushes with death. “I wish they told us it shouldn’t take a sickness or airplanes fallin’ out the sky”.  

It is real however and now for the first time in twelve years (and only second time twenty years!) the iconic trio of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker are releasing a new studio album. Anticipation is therefore extremely high, even if expectation is relatively low following the much maligned ‘Neighborhoods’ and initial lukewarm response to first single, ‘EDGING’.

Since first returning with ‘EDGING’ however, the band have released a string of singles which have increasingly established greater excitement for new album ‘ONE MORE TIME…’.

Blink 182 – ‘ONE MORE TIME’

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At 17 songs and 45 minutes, the band are certainly making up for lost time on this album and it’s a clichéd back to basics approach all round. There are some great songs on the album and there are a handful which could’ve probably been left off, but ultimately you just can’t help but smile and be glad that after all this time these three are making music together again.

As with the quoted lyrics at the start of this review, there are more than a few tellingly knowing nods to their own past and the heartstrings are tugged hard when DeLonge sings “Do I have to die to hear you miss me?”.

There are also lighter moments here too including traditional shorter jams such as ‘FUCK FACE’ however, and whichever era of Blink 182 you jumped on board with there will be something here for you.

It’s great to have Blink 182 back (although you do feel sorry for Matt Skiba who delivered some great moments), and ‘ONE MORE TIME…’ is leaps and bounds ahead of ‘Neighborhoods’ as a comeback album. You just have to hope this time that Tom, Mark and Travis can keep it together to further explore their creativity!

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