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GREEN DAY – saviors – album review

It’s fair to say that post ‘American Idiot’, Green Day’s albums have been sketchy at best. Some good tracks across the piece, and arguably a couple of great albums. But the misses seem to have been outweighing the hits of late.

In recent months though fans have been intrigued, for as each pre-release single arrived and you waited for a dud to appear, you were left surprised or actually upset if you are a true naysayer! Yes, the build up to ‘Saviors’, the trios fourteenth full-length has raised hopes that the band may be back at their very best.

With this record being 15 songs and north of 45 minutes, there was certainly a fear that it could end up mostly filler albeit with some killer stuff thrown in. Again though that impending sense of doom wanes with every passing track and soon it’s pretty obvious that Green Day are indeed firing on all cylinders.

Green Day – ‘The American Dream Is Killing Me’

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Singles like ‘The American Dream Is Killing Me’, ‘Look Ma, No Brains!’, ‘One Eyed Bastard’ and ‘Dilemma’ front load the album somewhat but the quality never dissipates. Later tracks ‘Goodnight Adeline’, ‘Corvette Summer’ and ‘Living in the 20’s’ are mightily enjoyable and at no point does the album drag, which again is a very pleasant surprise.

The ability of the band to write songs about serious subjects but with their tongue firmly in their cheek has always been an incredible skill and there is a homely feel to many of the tracks. That familiarity however doesn’t come from a re-treaded ground sense although there is certainly a nostalgia-tinged footprint for all to enjoy.

‘Saviors’ really does feel like the most Green Day-esque album to be birthed over the past two decades and it will make many lapsed fans fall back in love with a band that has defined many a troubled youth.

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