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Neck Deep

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Neck Deep have been leading the UK Pop Punk pack for a decade now and they’ve always felt on the cusp of really breaking out. That said their incremental gains have most definitely and defiantly placed them as the poster kids for their signature emotive frivolity.

This self-titled fifth studio album finds the band typically wearing their heart firmly attached to their sleeves. They are unbending in their chosen genre and this is an absolutely unashamed pop punk banger of an album.

If anyone wondered if relatively recent changes to their rhythm section (this marks the first Neck Deep record for Seb Barlow and Matt Powles) would change anything then those questions are answers with the opening run of ‘Dumbstruck Dumbf**k’, ‘Sort Yourself Out’ and ‘This Is All My Fault’. The answer of course being no!

Neck Deep – ‘We Need More Bricks’

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The likes of ‘We Need More Bricks’, ‘Heartbreak Of The Century’, ‘Take Me With You’ and ‘It Won’t Be Like This Forever’, which all arrived ahead of the release, set the stall early and the album in its entirety is unrelenting.

Quite simply this album is rightfully self-titled because it is ten tracks of classic Neck Deep. If you like the band then you will love this album and if you’ve not gotten into the band thus far then this is unlikely to change your opinion.

Will it be enough for them to firmly establish themselves as a big, big band? Only time will tell, but you know that these songs will be fun as hell when the band takeover Allly Pally in March!

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