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German rockers Blackout Problems have been slowly building their reputation over the past decade and have been threatening to breakout for at least half of that time. Impressive recent support slots and memorable festival performances have perhaps created the highest level of anticipation yet for a new album.

Well, that album has now arrived in the shape of ‘RIOT’. The record is their fourth studio release and is an anagram of trio, signifying their first release as a three-piece. Line-up changes and heightened expectations may surround the album but it’s the band’s continued ambition which shines through.

Originally writing music for a potential solo project, singer and guitarist Mario Radetzky is on record as saying that these songs “sounded like Blackout Problems” and attention soon turned to creating the next chapter of the Blackout Problems story.

Sonically these songs do share the essence of the band’s sound but they feel more expansive and have a greater sense of purpose. Whilst there are many personal themes running through the lyrics on this album, the overarching spectre of something bigger looms large.

Blackout Problems – ‘GLOFS’

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The chaos of the current world landscape is explored in cohesion with Radetzky’s own personal discovery and the band shows that they aren’t afraid to get political when needed. It’s perhaps fitting then that current tourmate Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari features on one of the standout tracks, ‘GLOFS’.

There are a number of tracks which push the album forwards and ‘PUZZLE’ and ‘WHALES’ are both also good introductions for new listeners wanting to test the waters. Ultimately though, ‘RIOT’ has been crafted to take you on a journey of sorts, so it’s worth taking the time to enjoy the full album in all of its majesty.

Whether or not this is the release to take the band to the next level or not, only time will tell but ‘RIOT’ is certainly a solid album which further establishes them as a band worth taking a punt on!

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