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‘Millennials’ marks the third studio album from The Snuts in as many years – quite the exceptional work rate for any band these days. Work ethic isn’t something that this group have ever lacked though and their grind has seen those first two records reach number one and three respectively upon release.

You’d instantly think then that there is a level of pressure for ‘Milliennials’ to emulate that success? Well, that pressure intensifies when you consider that ahead of this release, dissatisfied with their major label, the band branched out on their own setting up their own independent label Happy Artist Records!

That decision would be enormous for any band but in this day and age it’s an incredibly brave decision. The Snuts are clearly happy to bet on themselves though; and why not? Those first two albums produced an endless stream of indie rock anthems and lead single, ‘Gloria’, instantly demonstrated that their knack for creating festival ready sing-a-longs remains very much intact.

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With ‘Millennials’, the mould is unbroken and fans will feel safe in the familiar sound that the band have perfected in the past five years. There isn’t much in the way of evolution here, which is the smart play by a band taking giant leaps on the business side of things. ‘Milliennials’ may be The Snuts playing it safe, but that’s exactly what they needed to do with this album.

The record is short, sharp and on point. With ten tracks and a run-time of almost exactly thirty minutes, ‘Millennials’ feels like it is something of a statement from the band. They may have moved house but they have decorated their new house in the same sonic colours.

This is fantastic news for lovers of sun-soaked indie anthems and this album produces more sure-fire live favourites like ‘Millionaires’ and ‘Dreams’. The rise of The Snuts continues and they will continue to climb those festival bills and play bigger shows until they are recognised as one of the biggest indie bands on the circuit. After all they have already created a strong community around them and as per the lyrics of ‘Millionaires’“if love was money, we’d be millionaires”!

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