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Gen and the Degenerates have been infecting music lovers with their striking live shows in recent years. The band have appeared on many a festival bill, winning over fans instantaneously and garnering a fair amount of hype.

Now it’s time for the band to show just what they can do on record as they share their debut album, ‘ANTI-FUN PROPAGANDA’. The tone was set with the record’s lead single, ‘BIG HIT SINGLE’ and tongues are firmly planted in cheeks throughout much of the album.

It’s not all laughs though as the socially conscience group tackle some big topics with the overarching theme that being a human in 2024 is tough. Their response to that darkness though is to introduce light. The concept that fun is the best medicine for the toxicity of modern life isn’t necessarily new (after all we’ve just reviewed an album from a band who popularised joy as an act of resistance), but the way that Gen and the Degenerates deliver that fun is refreshingly uplifting.

Gen and the Degenerates – ‘Kids Wanna Dance’

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These songs are incredibly contagious and the likes of ‘Kids Wanna Dance’ and ‘Famous’ will have you bopping away all night long. This new bubblegum-punk sound is ferociously catchy and these songs will excel in the live environment.

On the penultimate track ‘Post-Cool’ singer Genevieve Glynn-Reeves proclaims that “cool is dead – this is post-cool”, and that term is a perfect description of how Gen and the Degenerates fit in the punk landscape. At a time when it’s cool to be punk, Gen and co take the brooding out of the scene and inject it with a heavy dose of fun!

Gen and her degenerates have made a truly fantastic debut album, and by the time that the band show off their musical dexterity with the six and a half minute slow burning album closer ‘Jude’s Song’, you are left wanting to do one thing and one thing only – hit play again!

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