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Kaiser Chief’s Easy Eighth Album

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As Kaiser Chiefs push into their second decade as a chart-topping entity they find themselves in a holding pattern of sorts. They’ve got a strong back catalogue and can fill decent venues, but they’ve not released anything earth-shattering in over a decade and aren’t likely to reach any higher levels of stardom.

The harsh reality of the music industry is 99.9% of other acts would kill to be in their position, whilst Kaiser Chiefs will likely feel some degree of frustration at their own stagnation. On their new eighth album, cringingly called ‘Kaiser Chief’s Easy Eighth Album’, you feel that the band are trying hard to deliver something fresh.

Unfortunately it really just sounds like they are trying too hard. Heavily influenced by the disco funk of Nile Rodgers who works with the band on opener ‘Feeling Alright’, you have to give the band credit for being willing to try and deliver a new sound. But, and it’s a big but, what they achieve sounds just like you’d expect Kaiser Chiefs playing Nile Rodgers to sound.

Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Feeling Alright’

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The songs are all very safe, middle of the road indie funk standard stock. It’s frustrating because Kaiser Chiefs come from the harshly titled landfill indie boom. It’s harsh on the band because they always stood out from the pack with their inimitable sound. Alas this record simply lacks that unique charm. It all feels very by the numbers, when the band made their career on being special.

At just shy of half an hour the album thankfully doesn’t take up much time and these songs shouldn’t eat up much space on their setlists on tour. There just isn’t anything here that stands out, nothing that makes you stick your head up and take note, but the band already have plenty of songs that do that for them.

All in all the Kaiser Chief’s easy eighth album is easily forgettable and will probably be an easy target for reviewers. In its defence, it is far from the worst album ever released, it’s just probably the worst album that Kaiser Chiefs have ever released which is a testament to the previous seven albums!

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