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Yard Act

Where’s My Utopia?

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The post-punk revival of the past half decade helped to thrust Yard Act into the mainstream, seeing them score a number two charting debut album and getting to play bigger and bigger shows. Now the band are ready to unleash their sophomore record as they ask the pertinent question… ‘Where’s My Utopia?’.

The shackles of labels are thrown off this time around as the band produce a genre-less collection of danceable self-aware bops. Whilst the aura of their debut album remains, the swagger is ramped up and the aspiration of sonic brilliance is grasped as tightly as a dropped winning lottery ticket in the wind.

The bands experience of becoming successful runs throughout the threads of the record and ensures that the lyrical themes are not simply a continuation of their political observations on ‘The Overload’.

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Yard Act – ‘We Make Hits’

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What also becomes apparent as the album progresses is the quality of the songs themselves which somewhat ironically are more accessible then their previous work. The likes of ‘Petroleum’, ‘Dream Job’ and the paradoxically titled ‘We Make Hits’ are highly infectious, and throughout the album, the song craft is superb.

The preposterously excellent ‘Blackpool Illuminations’ helps to conclude the record in typically poetic fashion and really showcases just what makes Yard Act a special creative force. Each track feels like it adds something and ‘A Vineyard for the North’ is a fantastic finale to what is an outlandishly good collection.

Yard Act continue to mesmerise and ‘Where’s My Utopia?’ is a truly stunning way to follow up on their initial success. You just can’t help but wonder just what this band is capable of in the future!

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