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The news that legendary Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and iconic guitarist John Squire of The Stone Roses would be teaming up was met with glee from their fans. The team-up was greeted with similar anticipation that Marvel fans give superhero crossovers in the MCU.

Recent lacklustre blockbusters however have coined the term superhero-fatigue and music fans have also become hesitant to overhype so-called supergroups after more than a few duds! So whilst the diehards still pop for a Guardians of the Galaxy cameo in a Thor movie, two celebrated musicians joining forces fails to overexcite casual music fans.

As with a finished movie however, the proof is always in the pudding and the Gallagher/Squire pairing have now served up their eponymous debut album. The collection consists of ten songs spread over forty minutes, which is instantly allays fears of an over-bloated anthology.

Liam Gallagher & John Squire – ‘Just Another Rainbow’

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The teaser trailers of ‘Mars To Liverpool’ and ‘Just Another Rainbow’ gave a good indication of what to expect with the finished record, and there’ll be little to surprise you over the course of the whole piece.

Fans of both men and their careers will find comfort and joy in this album with the sound being pretty much what you’d expect if you combined their previous bands. This isn’t a bad thing at all, because much like Marvel the duo know their core audience.

There is plenty of lip service here with tracks and moments akin to standard superhero tropes with ‘One Day At A Time’ akin to a heroic vow and ‘Love You Forever’ like a secret identity. What is perhaps missing though is that punch the air moment like Captain America lifting Mjollnir.

Ultimately though there is more than enough here for this adventure to be deemed a success. Don’t pull on Dr. Strange’s cape and don’t question the ability of Gallagher and Squire to deliver a fan pleasing pile of indie rock.

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