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Bruce Dickinson

The Mandrake Project

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Nearly two decades have passed since iconic Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson dipped his toes in the waters of his solo career. The Iron Maiden machine keeps turning but following outside adventures from bandmates Steve Harris and Adrian Smith, Dickinson is once again ready to dive into the deep end with new opus ‘The Mandrake Project’!

Previous solo outings have seen Dickinson broadening his horizons away from the Maiden mould and genuine excitement seems to have broken out for this release. The pre-release singles, ‘Afterglow of Ragnarok’ and ‘Rain on the Graves’, certainly managed to further whet appetites and as the record finally arrives fans appear ravenous.

So, has this album got enough to feed the fans and meet the lofty expectations? Spoiler alert – you’re damn sure it has! Dickinson has always demanded ambition from all of his musical projects and ‘The Mandrake Project’ may be his most ambitious yet.

Bruce Dickinson – ‘Afterglow of Ragnarok’

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Partner in crime Roy Z helps to provide an expansive metal powered soundtrack allowing for Dickinson’s dexterous vocals to soar. The duo have had success together in the past, but with both older and wiser this project feels perplexingly both refined and extravagant in equal measure.

The ten tracks sprawl over nearly a full hour but the album never lags, with each track adding something meaningful to the overarching masterpiece. Going back to that earlier question, there is certainly plenty for fans to sink their teeth into. Each listen will highlight new textures and moments of majesty.

Ten minute opera ‘Sonata (Immortal Beloved)’ brings the record to a powerful conclusion and acts as the final course of a mighty feast cooked up by Dickinson and co. The long wait for a solo expedition has been proven worthwhile and Dickinson proves that even at this late stage of his career he can still astonish!

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