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Dead Pony have been doing all the right things since beginning to release music in 2020. That year may go down in history however as the definition of poor timing for a new band to share their art with the world. But even so, Dead Pony have garnered a dedicated fanbase which is growing with every single and every show.

Now they are ready to unleash their debut full-length album on the world with ‘Ignore This’, perhaps a not-so-subtle nod towards the every diminishing attention span of music aficionados. This record however commands attention and is certainly no half-measure at sixteen tracks and nearly fifty minutes of action.

The pace of the album though ensures that there are neither dips nor opportunities for lapses of concentration from the listener. Indeed each track grabs the listener by the collar and drags them into the action alongside the band.

Dead Pony – ‘RAINBOWS’

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Sonically intoxicating and lyrically captivating this collection of full-throttle modern rock mastery is amongst the best opening offerings in recent memory. You can call it making up for lost time, or flying out of the traps but whichever tired cliché is assigned to ‘Ignore This’ will be a positive one.

‘Ignore This’ is an expansive expression of artistry from a group who are able to pull from a diverse palette of influence and produce a fresh sound with a self-assured identity. If you’re somebody that has been sleeping on this band, then now is very much the time to jump on board.

That’s because one thing that is for sure, with this stunning debut album in the bank it’s going to be very hard to ignore Dead Pony moving forward!

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