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FEEDER – Black / red – album review

Frontman Grant Nicholas has described the making of Feeder’s latest release, ‘Black / Red’ as both a “musical pilgrimage” and a “labour of love” and the care and attention put into this collection is abundantly evident throughout.

The band have been rather prolific recently and it’s been said that this double album is a full stop to this creative period. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that over the course of the eighteen tracks, you can pick out the various era’s of Feeder. This does feel like a celebration of their career and ending rather than a new beginning.

That said, there are some new influences present on the album and the 80’s inspired ‘Hey You’ is one of the standout moments. So there is still a hopeful hint for the future which alleviates some feeling that this is a grand finale for the band.

Feeder – ‘Hey You’

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The various incarnations and sounds of Feeder represented on this collection do make you ponder their career. A huge positive for the band has always been their ability to cross between genres and fandom’s with fingerprints in the indie and Britpop camps and across multiples sub-sections of the rock spectrum.

That dexterity and acknowledgement has meant that they can be step into each world with acceptance, but on the flip side has also meant that they’ve never really been fully adopted by any fan group other than their own hardcores.

That same logic perhaps also lends itself to this lengthy double collection. Whereas the record as a 66 minute whole achieves a solid four star rating, you can’t help but think that there is likely a five star rated 35 minute showcase held within.

So in that vein, ‘Black / Red’ is another great example of the immense musical talents of Nicholas and partner in crime Taka Hirose. Fans of the band will devour the record for the beautiful love letter that it is. However it’s highly unlikely to draw any new eyes to a band who deserve so much more appreciation then they generally receive!

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