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The musical journey of Nigel Powell and Jamie Stuart is a storied one full of twists and turns. Both of the duo emerged from the early 2000’s Oxford music scene following the demise of former bands Unbelievable Truth and Dustball.

Forming the group Dive Dive together, the band released three albums between 2005 and 2011 before band members commitments to The Sleeping Souls saw that group fade away.

Dive Dive returned with a fourth album in 2019 before Powell left The Sleeping Souls in 2020. Since then Powell has kept busy with an album from his group Sad Song Co. and the return of Unbelievable Truth. Now Powell and Stuart unite again for a brand new project known as The Exact Opposite.

Keeping those creative juices flowing and wasting no time, the duo has now shared their debut album, ‘Skill Issue’. The twelve song record is an instantly enjoyable collection of alt-rock songs which pull from their past but point to their future.

The Exact Opposite – ‘Look at Him Go!’

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Although it probably shouldn’t a surprise, the most interesting point of note from the album is the relevance and urgency of both the music and lyrics. Despite all the water under their musical bridge, this very much sounds like a band with a point to prove and a message to send.

Songs such as ‘Look at Him Go!’, ‘Battle for Progress’ and ‘Idiots in Tow’ showcase their rekindled chemistry and help to ensure that this first release as The Exact Opposite is a memorable one. Given their previous work both together and apart, it again shouldn’t be a surprise but ‘Skill Issue’ is a really good album!

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