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San Diego nu-metal icons P.O.D. are back with their eleventh studio album, ‘Veritas’. That is of course truth in Latin, and the truth is that when the nu-metal bubble appeared to burst circa 2004, not many people would have bet on P.O.D. still releasing new music twenty years later!

Over the past couple of decades the band has followed up their seminal album, ‘Satellite’, with a mix of hits and misses. Again, in truth, this record represents neither of those categories. It certainly isn’t a bad album, far from it in fact, alas it isn’t exactly the best example of what the band is capable of either.

Even within that nu-metal bubble P.O.D. still managed to stand out with their signature sound particularly innovative; and there lies the simple problem with ‘Veritas’. The record focuses more an a standard rock sound and lacks the charm of their best work.

P.O.D. – ‘AFRAID TO DIE’ feat. Tatiana Shmayluk

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There are still some big moments on the record however which will undoubtedly fare well on those generic American rock radio stations. Notably those moments seem to come on tracks with special guests such as the Randy Blythe featuring ‘DROP’ and Tatiana Shmayluk powered single ‘AFRAID TO DIE’.

The album is also a safe bet for existing fans of the band. Whilst inevitably, ‘The Fundamental Elements of Southtown’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Payable on Death’ will still gain the most playing time, thus is the curse of success, ‘Veritas’ will fit in nicely with the rest of their back catalogue.

The album is aided by its easy listening sound and its relatively short run time, meaning that it is well worth a listen. If you weren’t already a fan of the band however, it’s unlikely to suck you in and you’re obviously going to want to start with their big hitters. Once you find yourself on ship P.O.D. however you can then revisit ‘Veritas’ and enjoy the fact that one of the pioneers of a world-changing genre are still active and making listenable music!

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