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When Rivers Meet

Epic Studios, Norwich

Thursday 9th May 2024

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📸 (c) Denis Gorbatov / Full Pelt Music

The sun is out today in Norwich and the city’s rock fans are out en masse as well, queuing up early to catch one of the new faces of classic rock, When Rivers Meet, live at the fantastic facility that is Epic Studios.


It doesn’t take long after doors opening for our opening act to take to the stage and start making some real good noise! Dusk Brothers immediately parade their unique homemade setup, including petrol cans and kebab shop oven sheets, before showing what an incredible racket the duo can make.

Imagine if Seasick Steve had a twin brother and had gone through a metal phase in his youth and you’ll be close to picturing how the Dusk Brothers present. Their Bluesy Americana and quick witted charm makes for a highly enjoyable forty minutes and the audience tonight is clearly appreciative, giving the duo a rousing ovation at the end of their set.

Dusk Brothers are well worth a deep dive and the band highlight throughout their set tonight that they host regular livestreams. This is noteworthy also for the correlation with our headliners When Rivers Meet, who made their own name during the pandemic with a series of popular livestreams!


Those innovative sessions gained engagement and traction for the band when live shows were taken away, but since the return of live music, that momentum has only continued to build for the husband and wife duo.

Playing live as a four-piece, Grace and Aaron Bond bring their songs to life this evening through skilful musicianship and stunning visuals aided by the set-up at Epic. The show has a special feel, as the band return to their original home county and the venue provides a striking background.

In just five years the band has already released three albums and the latest, ‘Aces Are High’ is front and centre this evening with all ten tracks featuring in the lengthy setlist. This is a great sign of faith in the quality of the album and that faith is indeed well placed, with the fans already lapping up the likes of ‘Play My Game’, ‘Infected’ and ‘Perfect Stranger’.

Whilst aligned with the “New Wave of Classic Rock” movement, the folk aesthetic that runs through the threads of When Rivers Meet helps to set them apart from the pack. A stripped back portion of the set is a particular highlight this evening as the obvious chemistry between the Bond’s shines through.

Despite their relatively short touring life, When Rivers Meet know how to connect with their audience and there is a kind of awe that befalls attendees this evening as they relish in the talent emanating from the stage.

An encore of ‘Golden’ and ‘Did I Break the Law’ provides a fitting finale to a polished performance from a band still seemingly going from strength to strength. With the tease of new music mentioned tonight, you can’t help but be excited to see what comes next.

Whenever that new music does come, you can safely say that on the evidence of tonight the show that follows is sure to take things to another level once again.

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