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Epic Studios, Norwich

Monday 18th March 2024

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📸 (C) Denis Gorbatov / Full Pelt Music

Despite being one of the most active live bands in the UK, it has been almost a decade since Creeper last played in the city of Norwich. Back then they were the support band in the backroom of a pub, now they return at the much larger Epic Studios and their fans are out in numbers despite some competition from local favourite Justin Hawkins just up the road.


Before the main event however we have our openers Zetra who, after opening for Creeper at their one-off Roundhouse show in 2022, are along for the ride on this ’12 Days of Night’ tour.

The mysterious duo deliver a methodical set of elevator music for Goths. The elements of theatre fit naturally with the aesthetic of a Creeper show and the respectful crowd appear content with their performance. Whilst sparks don’t necessarily fly, the band create the perfect ambience to prepare us for what’s to come next.


What comes next is a band who have certainly made their case for the best live act award. Creeper are now a wholly different prospect compared to their early Norwich shows; for whilst they can still go hard when the moment calls, they are now an elegant and effervescent force. To go with the vampire theme, they are less the brute force of Blade and more the seductive charm of Count Dracula.

Speaking of awards, Creeper won two of our end of year awards this past December and it’s our Single of the Year ‘Cry To Heaven’ that kicks their set off in spectacular fashion. The catchy song instantly elevates the audience energy levels and alongside the quickfire romp of ‘Poison Pens’ sets the tone for the evening.

The setlist for this tour is carefully curated given the band now have three albums and four EP’s to choose from. There are therefore many big songs which don’t make the cut this evening.

That’s an indictment of how packed their back catalogue has become and that’s never more apparent then when you consider the tracks not present with the fact that they can still pull out the likes of ‘Hiding With Boys’, ‘Cyanide’, ‘Down Below’, ‘The Honeymoon Suite’, ‘Annabelle’ and ‘I Choose To Live’. That’s not to even mention the stunning Hannah Greenwood led interlude of ‘Ghosts Over Calvary’ and ‘Crickets’!

The second Full Pelt Award taken home by Creeper last year was Album of the Year for their latest masterpiece ‘Sanguivore’ and those are the tracks that perhaps own tonight. ‘Teenage Sacrifice’ is glorious, ‘Lovers Led Astray’, ‘The Ballad of Spook & Mercy’ and ‘Chapel Gates’ are all highlights and the rock opera ‘Further Than Forever’ is simply magnificent.

The line-up for the band now officially features guitarist Lawrie Pattison and it feels like they are firing off all cylinders together. Each member brings somewhat special and together they have hit another level, and whilst there are a few clichés there, ultimately you can’t help but be excited for the future of the band.

It’s an old favourite though that brings the evening to a spine-tingling close with ‘Misery’ eliciting the sing-a-long to end all sing-a-longs. Creeper can leave Norwich this time around knowing that they’ve ascended into something much bigger than their humble beginnings. The fans however will be heading home praying that it doesn’t take the band another nine years to return to the city.

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Epic Studios, Norwich

Wednesday 13th March 2024

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FEEDER – NORWICH – live review

📸(c) Denis Gorbatov / Full Pelt Music

There is a lengthy queue formed outside Epic Studios in Norwich this evening with the considerable amount of Feeder t-shirts giving a good hint of what will be taking place inside the venue.

Indeed, this show sold out well in advance and it appears that Norfolk’s indie lovers are excited to catch the band playing what Grant Nicholas terms as ‘old school Feeder territory’ for the first time in nearly five years.


Up first though are a band also keen to make up for lost time. The Pearl Harts were originally scheduled to support Feeder back in March 2020 but we all know what happened then!

The venue is already full as the duo take to the stage and kick proceedings off with bluesy rocker ‘Black Blood’. Looking around, there are a few in the crowd perhaps surprised to be given such a good rocking as soon as they walk in the door.

The Pearl Harts released their second album, ‘Love, Chaos’, last year and have honed their craft by playing shows across the UK and Europe in recent years. They are therefore an assured live prospect, in that you know that you’re going to get a good time!

That’s exactly what the band give us this evening with a mixture of newer material and older favourites such as ‘Lara’ and ‘Hurt’. Any early trepidation seems to have been blow away and by the time the duo exit the stage they’ve certainly won some additional followers.


Feeder on the other hand certainly need no introduction, the audience are packed in, raring to go and ready for a sing-a-long. Those big moments come with the likes of ‘Feeling A Moment’ and ‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’ eliciting excitable reactions, but the first half of the set focuses predominantly on newer tracks.

The band are set to release their twelfth album ‘Black/Red’ next month and songs from the double record take centre stage this evening including grandiose opener ‘ELF’. The crowd are respectful and show appreciation for these new offerings, which are quite sonically diverse.

This preview of the newer material truly does pique interest and you can almost hear the penny dropping for attendees that ‘Black/Red’ is going to be worth some exploration. Equally newer tracks such as ‘Kyoto’ and ‘Fear of Flying’ demonstrate that the band also have some fine offerings in their more recent collections.

To the surprise of no one though the biggest reactions of the evening come with the likes of ‘Buck Rogers’ and show finale ‘Just A Day’. Any band would sell their soul to possess mega-tunes like these and their sing-a-long moments will always ensure fans go home happy.

The key takeaways from this show however should be firstly an appreciation for the depth in quality of the Feeder back catalogue and then an excitement for what this next chapter holds.

Regardless of all that though, those that formed that queue can now head into the night having just seen two fantastic live acts in their local venue and that’s what it’s really all about!

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Holding Absence

Epic Studios, Norwich

Monday 27th November 2023

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📸 (C) Denis Gorbatov / Full Pelt Music

Holding Absence frontman Lucas Woodland reminisces onstage tonight about the last time the band played in Norwich. Apparently only one ticket was sold! Well, tonight there are a fair few more in attendance as Epic Studios welcomes the Welsh rockers back to the city.


Opening proceedings on this tour are Floridians Dark Divine, who instantly grab your attention with both their striking presentation and their slick rock offerings. Yes, in an industry where it’s harder than ever to standout, Dark Divine manage to do just that tonight.

Considering this is the bands first ever trip to the UK, you’re left to imagine just what the band can go on to achieve? On the evidence of tonight, you’d have to conclude that their future is very bright indeed!


The international support bill continues next with Aussies Thornhill. The group have established their reputation over the past decade both in the studio and on the stage, and they now find themselves preparing for a fresh era. New single ‘Viper Room’ starts their set tonight and offers a glimpse of what’s to come.

Thornhill are undoubtedly the heaviest band on the bill this evening and as their set continues they manage to engage a central core of moshers who amplify the atmosphere somewhat. Clearly the band achieve their mission tonight and leave with more fans than they arrived with, and those fans will be eager to see what comes next.


What comes next tonight though is the moment that those who queued down road tonight have been waiting for, our headliners Holding Absence. When you speak of a band establishing themselves, you can’t help but to look at what this group has achieved in a relatively short span of time.

Many headline shows, support slots and festival appearances have built a reputation that is only enhanced by their ever-increasing back catalogue. Latest album, ‘The Noble Art of Self Destruction’ takes centre stage tonight and more than holds its own amongst favourites like ‘Gravity’ and ‘Wilt’.

The four-piece are able to command a respectable control over the audience who seem almost in awe of the majestic echo of their music. The magnificent acoustic rendition of ‘Like A Shadow’ is one of the highlights this evening, but truthfully the headline set flows by like a tsunami of sonic resonance.

An encore of ‘Celebration Song’, ‘Afterlife’ and ‘The Angel in the Marble’ is the icing on the cake, and the band leave promising to be back soon. With the growth of the band thus far, you’d have to expect an even bigger crowd will be waiting for them on their third trip to Norwich!

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Massive Wagons

Epic Studios, Norwich

Tuesday 14th November 2023

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📸 (c) Denis Gorbatov / Full Pelt Music

The queue formed outside of Epic Studios in Norwich is a testament to the growing reputation of Massive Wagons. As is the observation of our photographer who last shot them as a support band in a pub in 2016 – “these wagons have become massive!”.

Yes the rise has been slow but steady for the Lancastrian five-piece with each album and each live show seeming to build momentum. Tonight marks the first night of their second tour in support of latest effort ‘Triggered!’, and the band have The New Roses in tow.


The German rockers have a similar pedigree to our headliners and their growing status will only swell further on the evidence of tonight. The group radiate a natural rock n’ roll elegance from the stage and singer Timmy Rough uses his understated charisma to engage the swathes of Massive Wagons t-shirts on standby for the headliners.

There is an effortless cool as the band showcase material from across their career including most recent album, ‘Sweet Poison’. Their forty-five minute slot flies by which is usually a good sign and they will have undoubtedly gained some new followers tonight.


Tonight probably isn’t going to be a night where Massive Wagons pick up many new fans as the crowd all appear well and truly initiated already. From the moment the band hit the stage with fan favourite, ‘Back to the Stack’ to the last strains of ‘It In Together’, the crowd are treated to the customary Massive Wagons experience.

That is a full throttle rock show with frontman Baz Mills playing the role of chief orchestrator to a tee. Mills flies around the stage, whipping up the crowd, whilst the band solidly unleash their rumbling alt-rock noise.

There are plenty of sing-a-longs in the setlist with the run of ‘Ratio’, ‘China Plates’, ‘Bangin in Your Stereo’ and ‘Nails’ particularly getting the audience going but there isn’t a relent in the pace of evening at any point. The songs from ‘Triggered!’ seem to get equal affection to older favourites, with the setlist well structured to keep that momentum going.

By the time it’s all said and done the crowd have clearly had a great time and both bands have delivered a memorable evening of rock for the fine residents of Norwich. You wouldn’t be surprised to see both bands continue building their momentum in the coming years, but Massive Wagons certainly appear to have established themselves on the circuit now as a safe bet for fans.

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Epic Studios, Norwich

Saturday 14th October 2023

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All 📸 (c) Denis Gorbatov / Full Pelt Music

At this point it’s certainly not a secret that Skindred are an incredible live act. The bands recent chart success and trending ability however seems to have reinvigorated audiences for one of the hardest working bands on the planet. Every single date on this full UK Tour is sold out and the queue to get into the venue tonight stretches as far as the eye can see.


That venue is the fantastic Epic Studios in Norwich which is always a great host for gigs. As the queue files into the large space from the autumnal evening, opening act Lake Malice warm them up with a blistering set of modern metal bangers.

The band have been winning over audiences with festival and support slots since their inception in 2021 and will soon release their debut EP ‘Post-Genesis’. It seems that with every performance and every release they pick up swathes of new fans due to the passion and energy of their music. Tonight just further evidences that fact and does make you wonder just how big the band will become!


Another sign of Skindred’s live ability is the fact that they aren’t intimidated by quality support acts. Lucky attendees on this tour will get two of those with BLACKGOLD along for the ride as the main support act. The masked group have also been making waves with big festival appearances and a supporting position with Limp Bizkit recently.

Tonight they have a full venue to play with and the audience buys in almost immediately. Frontman Spookz makes crowd engagement appear easy and musically the band go down a treat with their reimagined nu-metal style. Echoing the sentiments of Lake Malice, you again feel that the future is very bright for BLACKGOLD.


Skindred on the other hand feel as though they are at the peak of their powers right now. New album, ‘Smile’, hit number two in the charts and they have a headline date booked in for Wembley Arena next year. Tonight they receive a hero’s welcome as they arrive on stage, bust out new favourite ‘Set Fazers’ and instantly get the crowd moving.

Benjie Webbe has always had an ability to conduct a crowd like a rock n’ roll ringmaster and it is truly awe inspiring to witness him work his magic tonight. The whole band really are mesmeric as they mix fan favourites both old and new.

As we said at the start, it shouldn’t be news to anybody reading this that Skindred are a top tier live act, after all they’ve proven that time and time again. Something does feel different though. The set feels fresher. The riffs go harder. The beats run deeper. The atmosphere feels more electric. Everything it seems has been turned up to eleven!

The obligatory Newport Helicopter accompanies set closer ‘Warning’ and the impressive stage show merges with flying t-shirts and sweat. It’s a mightily impressive sight and signals the crowd to head back into the chilly night raving about the awesome show that they’ve just witnessed.

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British Lion

Epic Studios, Norwich

Thursday 19th January 2023

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All 📸 (c) Denis Gorbatov / Full Pelt Music

We’re fully embedded in the new year now, so it must be time for music fans to get back into the UK’s fine music venues. In fact we are close to the ever important, Independent Venue Week, so it’s great to start the year at one such venue – Epic Studios in Norwich.

The versatile venue can host events of all sorts but on this bitterly cold January evening, it hosts lots of denim and leather rockers as British Lion come to town!


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The final night of a full UK Tour, the band led by the legendary Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, attract a very healthy crowd tonight. Those in attendance are treated to not one but two accomplished support acts with the first of those, Airforce, in full effect as most attendees enter the venue.

Musically very suitable to supporting a member of Maiden, Airforce make the most of their short time on stage with a succinct and vociferous performance which no doubt wins over any uninitiated in the audience.


Next up is Voodoo Six, a band that Maiden/Lion fans will be very familiar with. The band stepped in on short notice to fill the void left by Canadian group Coney Hatch being unable to fulfil the tour.

Disappointing for some, for others like myself, this was actually an upgrade. Voodoo Six have consistently put out quality music and put on great shows for two decades now. Numerous line-up changes haven’t prevented the band putting out six albums and playing shows all over the world.

Tonight, they are on top form once again with an assured performance, mixing tracks old and new, to the delight of the crowd. Perennially tipped for bigger things, perhaps that ship has sailed but the constant of quality music and great shows doesn’t appear to be going anywhere as Voodoo Six once again show themselves to be criminally underrated.


Finally the time arrives for British Lion to take to the stage and they naturally receive a hero’s welcome. It’s the last show of the tour but also a (close to) hometown show for a number of the members, so the atmosphere is relaxed and the band let the music do the bulk of the talking.

The group have two albums in the bank at this point and the set list is a good mix of the two. Harris and co are able to give a good account of themselves, with singer Richard Taylor even acknowledging the apparent identity crisis that the band often have thrust upon them by others.

Long since dispelled as a mere solo project for Harris, since their inception in 2012 the group has evolved and that’s evident tonight with the stage presence of Taylor as exhibit A. This is a package now and not a vessel for Harris alone.

That makes the spectacle greater as far as the live show goes and places more emphasis on the music as opposed to the “oh look there’s Steve Harris” feeling for their early shows. It’s great to see and will hopefully lead to greater longevity from the project.

As this tour draws to a close with ‘Eyes of the Young’, British Lion may take a step back to Iron Maiden once again, but with performances like tonight you know it won’t be long before the band are reunited onstage again.

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