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After releasing an enormous 32 song double album in 2022 that ran to an absurd 1 hour and 42 minutes, Imagine Dragons are back already but this time they’ve slimlined their approach.

New album, ‘Loom’, sits with just nine tracks and a runtime of just 28 minutes, which makes it instantly more accessible as a collection. ‘Mercury Acts 1&2’ of course did include some of those standard issue Imagine Dragons mega hits, but on a whole was just too much.

‘Loom’ does instantly feel an easier listen which shouldn’t be a surprise, nor should it be a surprise that another huge hit has already been identified with ‘Eyes Closed’ fairing very well on the airwaves.

Imagine Dragons – ‘Eyes Closed’

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Beyond more of the same however the record just doesn’t hit any different. The group were groundbreaking and have carved out a incredible niche for unnaturally successful pop songs, alas now they feel like reruns of Friends!

We’ll always happily listen to their music, after all we know all the words, we know how the story goes, we feel… comfortable. That said, we also know that there are many more fresh and relevant acts that we could go and check out.

Imagine Dragons have become another band that it’s easy to belittle and poke fun of. They’re a band for people that aren’t “in to” music, but hey at the end of the day I’d take their bank account over mine any day. Equally I’d take their talent with it!

This isn’t a great album, but it’s not a bad one either. It’s not the worst the band have made and it’s not the best…it is just what it is.

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