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The Warning

Keep Me Fed

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The Warning have been building a hardcore fanbase going back a few years before the world shut down. It’s since the world opened back up however that the Mexican trio have really taken off. Every show, whether it be a headline sell out, huge support slot or massive festival opportunity, has been seized with both (or all six) hands!

Now the sisters are preparing for world domination with their all-conquering fourth studio album, ‘Keep Me Fed’!


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With six of the twelve tracks already out prior to release, anticipation was high for the record and the remaining half more than meets the expectations set. In fact, if you were going to sit down to write a modern rock album with enough pop sensibility to become a crossover success, then ‘Keep Me Fed’ would be about as perfect as you could get.

We already knew that there were a plethora of strong singles on this record, but when the album as a whole hits as well as this does you have to take note. Often the hype just isn’t really justified, but with The Warning it feels like they are only warming up.

‘Keep Me Fed’ is the ideal album to jump on the bandwagon with because fans old and new will thoroughly enjoy what the trio have captured.

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