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A Day To Remember

You’re Welcome

A Day To Remember You're Welcome Album Cover
A Day To Remember – ‘You’re Welcome’

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A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome – Album Review

The fact that the first single from ‘You’re Welcome’ was released roughly twenty months ago in 2019, should suggest immediately that A Day To Remember have faced issues with this album. Over the near two year period that has followed the release of ‘Degenerates’ a lot has happened.

A Day To Remember – ‘Degenerates’

There have been a further four singles released. There have been numerous delays with the scheduled release date kicked around, reported delays with artwork and delays with the albums mixing. The band sub-headlined Reading & Leeds Festivals in 2019, and oh yes there has been a pandemic!

This has been the longest delay between two new A Day To Remember albums in the bands eighteen year career, and that delay clearly can’t be blamed simply on world events. The band are on record talking about the high amount of material demoed for the record and the debate around experimentation of their sound and potential alienation of their fans.

Many of the bands peers have experimented with their music in recent years with varying levels of success. As a band pushing towards festival headline slots, there would clearly be pressure on A Day To Remember to produce an album that would appeal to the mainstream. What we have in ‘You’re Welcome’ however appears to be a compromise from the band.

They have tried to appeal to the mainstream world, whilst reining in certain elements as not to disappoint old school fans. Sadly what we get is a clearly compromised effort that feels forced and disjointed.

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This is a shame as A Day To Remember are a band that were always ahead of the curve when mixing up their sound to appeal to both traditional and mainstream fanbases. That is what brought them to the level they are at.

‘You’re Welcome’ is not a bad album, there are some songs that will slip neatly into forthcoming setlists. The problem with the album is that at this point in the bands career they didn’t need to compromise. After the time it took to finally release an album, you would expect a band the quality of A Day To Remember to have released a masterpiece.

Instead what we have is a collection of songs that doesn’t do the band justice and when held accountable with their back catalogue are sadly forgettable. Call it a mid-life crisis or a band struggling with their identity, but on this album A Day To Remember feel lost. Let’s hope that they find themselves soon as they can do so much better.

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