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Alkaline Trio

Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs

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While Alkaline Trio remained active during the Matt Skiba era of Blink 182, Skiba himself has admitted that they took something of a backseat. It’s perhaps not surprising then that the gap between 2018’s ‘Is This Thing Cursed’ and new album, ‘Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs’ is the longest one in the groups history.

Recent times have been particularly transitional with Skiba’s untimely departure from Blink 182 and the exit of long time drummer Derek Grant of particular note. Thankfully though for fans, the band continues to persevere and their tenth studio album is now out in the world.

Alkaline Trio – ‘Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs’

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The title-track gave fans a glimpse of the band at their best when it acted as the lead single for the album, which is named after a phrase coined by Skiba’s nurse mother. Thematically the album explores the similarly grotesque nature of what the band have referred to as “apocalypse culture”.

The concept of fear-inducing bad news in the media creating a toxic environment will surely remain apt as both the US and UK prepare for a year of election frenzy.

Yes the world is always going to focus on the bad, but the fact that Alkaline Trio are still pushing out new music is something good that we can all focus on. Music is such an important distraction and the eleven tracks on ‘Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs’ can certainly keep you entertained for half an hour or so.

Ten albums in and any band will struggle to deliver an earth shattering new record. This album ultimately is decent without being that standout release. It does have its moments though and feels now like a solid reset moment for the band.

With Skiba now fully invested again and the accomplished Atom Willard on board, you feel it won’t be that long between releases this time around; and that future really does seem more exciting now with this album feeling like a timely reminder of what the trio can offer.

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