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theory of a deadman – dinosaur – album review

With the release of their latest studio album, ‘Dinosaur’, Theory of a Deadman continue a streak of releasing a new album every three years that started back in 2002. That self-titled release feels a long time ago, because it is! 20+ years in fact, but as we arrive at album number eight, Theory of a Deadman feel more relevant than ever.

The band have always been rather marmite, you know – you either love them or hate them. They’ve been maligned by many doubters over the years but through this they’ve still managed to amass an impressive catalogue of hits.

There has always been an element of juvenility to their lyrical content but for those that enjoy the band that has been a large aspect of the charm of the band. On ‘Dinosaur’, the opening song and title-track of this record, you’re instantly struck by the maturity and seriousness of the subject matter.

Theory of a Deadman – ‘Dinosaur’

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Thematically and sonically, this album is the straightest and most genuine and mature offering from the Canadians yet. Both the simple hard rock formula on the heavier tracks and the standard approach to the more melodic moments suits the album well.

Whilst overall you get a more grounded Theory of a Deadman, there is also plenty to occupy the fans of the over the top nature of their past work.

On ‘Dinosaur’ it may well be that a band who are always having their identity questioned have found their true sound. This is indeed an ideal mix that will satisfy fans old and new, and demonstrate that unlike the subject matter of the lead single, there is plenty of life left in these old rockers yet!

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