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Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Dark Rainbow

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Frank Carter has never been one to simply take the road of least resistance, especially when it comes to his musical direction. After all this is the man that left one of the hottest breakthrough bands to push his boundaries and experiment with a wider sonic palate.

With his own name on the posters now though he has a near frictionless opportunity to fully explore whatever direction he feels like taking. That is of course ignoring the noisy minority who will forever pine of an angry Carter full of rage and a desire to burn the world down.

That though isn’t a healthy mindset to carry through life and Carter’s own life has reached a point where he can suitably reflect on the ups and downs that have paved the way for the fifth Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes album – ‘Dark Rainbow’.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – ‘Brambles’

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Musically the album sees Carter and co-conspirator Dean Richardson indulge the softer elements that have gradually crept in over the first four records. There are still some headbanging moments for good measure but if you’re somebody looking for another ‘I Hate You’ then you’re going to be disappointed.

If however you have an open mind and a willingness to soak in the suave aesthetics of the album then your curiosity will be rewarded by Carter’s ambition. This is certainly an album that needs your full attention, but you will be rewarded if you stick with it.

Indeed the pre-release singles may be some of the weakest in relation to the immense depth shown across the album. This record will divide opinion for sure, but as a snapshot of an artist formerly known as a hellraiser, this collection is as genuine as it is brave!

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