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October Drift

I Don’t Belong Anywhere

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October Drift have spent the year slowly building towards the release of their second album. A steady stream of superb singles has signalled what was coming and now ‘I Don’t Belong Anywhere’ is here and fans are in for a real treat.

The band continue down the euphoric path they set with their 2020 debut ‘Forever Whatever’. That year of course was a show stopper for most bands and many new acts were lost to the pandemic.

Thankfully, October Drift have emerged not just intact but firing on all cylinders. ‘I Don’t Belong Anywhere’ is an incredible achievement considering the restraints in which it was written and recorded. The difficult past two years are referenced on tracks such as the hauntingly beautiful ‘Webcam Funerals’, but there is much more do dissect on this album.

October Drift – ‘Webcam Funerals’

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‘I Don’t Belong Anywhere’ finds the band again in a reflective mindset but this time they are analysing the world around us. This is a sombre yet uplifting record packed with intensity and controlled ferocity. There are tender moments, brutally honest lyrics and a constant visceral sonic onslaught.

You can feel that the band has poured everything into this album, and that work pays dividends with a stunning collection of songs. Pre-release singles such as ‘Airborne Panic Attack’ and ‘Insects’ promised something great and ultimately October Drift have delivered something very special indeed!

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