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Gary Numan Intruder Album Cover
Gary Numan – ‘Intruder’

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‘Intruder’ has been teased since mid-2019, with Gary Numan debuting the title track on his ‘(R)evolution 40th Anniversary’ tour. The wait is now finally over and has most definitely been worth it!

Numan has been undergoing something of a renaissance for a good few years now and everything about ‘Intruder’ just goes to punctuate that. This is very much Numan at the top of his game.

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From album openers ‘Betrayed’ and ‘The Gift’ to the finale of ‘When You Fall’, there is quality in abundance. This is a record that sucks you into it and holds your attention through its ambient peaks and troughs.

‘Intruder’ is typically lyrically and thematically dark as typified by the title track. Numan delivers a philosophical assessment of a possible future apocalypse which feels all too relevant these days.

Whilst other artists at this stage of their career are happy to rest on their laurels, Numan still has his creative juices flowing. He clearly isn’t ready to join the nostalgia circuit and his efforts are being rewarded.

It’s no coincide that he is enjoying his best chart positions in years and is about to embark on his biggest tour in just as long. Numan will be headlining Wembley Arena for the first time since 1981. That is over 40 years ago.

Gary Numan – ‘Saints And Liars’

With ‘Intruder’, Gary Numan is once again showing his ambition both artistically and vocationally. The likes of ‘Is This World Not Enough’ and ‘Saints And Liars’ will sound atmospheric at Wembley. There is a reason that Numan is enjoying the success he is. After all, to use an old football analogy – form is temporary but class is permanent!

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