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Marching In Time

Tremonti Album Cover Marching In Time
Tremonti – ‘Marching In Time’

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When Alter Bridge and Creed guitar icon Mark Tremonti first announced his namesake band Tremonti, you could be forgiven for thinking that it would be a temporary project. A lot of so called side-projects come together and put out an album before disappearing again. Some last longer but only emerge sporadically to fill gaps of time from their main band.

Well, a decade and five albums on, it is fair to say that Tremonti has become much more than that. Given that these albums haven’t just been clear leftovers from Alter Bridge, you’d also make an argument now that Tremonti is as important to the main man as his other bands.

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Another thing to note is the scepticism from day one that Tremonti himself would sing. We knew he is an incredible guitarist, but a singer? Again at this point it feels natural to hear Tremonti on vocal duty. Over the past ten years he has grown into the role with ease and ensured Tremonti the band has a unique identity.

So what can Tremonti the man and the band offer on their fifth studio album, ‘Marching In Time’? The twelve tracks have a run time just shy of an hour so this is a meaty album which isn’t ever trying to be something that it’s not. Whilst Tremonti has surpassed all expectations, they’ve never tried to reinvent the wheel.

Tremonti – ‘Marching In Time’

There are no pop songs here, this is another delicately brutal, all out heavy rock collection which sees the band doing what they do best. That is not to say that there isn’t growth, there are certainly times when you can feel the band pushing their creativity.

There is plenty for fans to sink their teeth into, after all as we said this is a meaty album. ‘Marching In Time’ is everything you want from a Tremonti album and it continues to cement the band as a serious project. Not that they need to prove anything at this point, any band that can put out five albums of such quality in just ten years demand attention.

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