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For Those That Wish To Exist

Architects For Those That Wish To Exist Album Cover
Architects – ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’

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Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist – Album Review

It feels like there is a lot of pressure on this album for Architects. This is after all a band who has been seeing increasing success in recent years. They are a band that has evolved their sound with recent releases. So, does ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’ continue this evolution? Will the band push on to a higher level on the back of it?

Architects – ‘Meteor’

The first thing to note is that at 15 songs and just shy of an hour this is a meaty album that demands attention. That attention is grabbed almost immediately with ‘Black Lungs’ and ‘Giving Blood’ delivering a statement of intent. A reminder to listeners of what this band is all about.

As the album progresses the expansive elements of recent Architects albums is clear for all. There are grandiose ambitions spread throughout the album with the band obviously striving for more. Some may feel that it’s mainstream exposure that the band is striving for. If that is the case then there is plenty on offer to achieve this. Whilst this may be the end result, this doesn’t smack of being a money grabbing, sell out album.

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It’s clear that care and effort has been put into creating an album which both pleases fans and satisfies the creative cravings in the band. There is a great deal of experimentation on this album, with Architects also recruiting some A list guests from the world of hard rock.

The three tracks which feature these artists all deliver the goods. ‘Impermanence’ featuring Winston McCall (Parkway Drive), ‘Little Wonder’ featuring Mike Kerr (Royal Blood) and particularly ‘Goliath’ featuring Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro) all help underpin the ferocious elegance of the album.

Overall the album gives Architects fans old and new something to enjoy without sounding disjointed; with ‘Dead Butterflies’ and ‘Animals’ showing that the band has perhaps struck upon their optimal output stylistically.

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‘For Those That Wish To Exist’ is everything that Architects need it to be. Whilst it may alienate a small portion of their fans, the majority and many new fans will hold it up as a masterpiece of the genre.

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