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Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators


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Nobody could’ve predicted the match made in heaven between Slash and Myles Kennedy back in 2010 when Kennedy featured on the guitarists’ debut solo album. Soon enough however it was evident to those that mattered and Kennedy was chosen to front the live band and contribute an additional song.

Now, here we are some 10+ years later and that solo project has morphed into the mouthful that is Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, and the group are releasing their fourth album together, simply titled ‘4’.

Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators – ‘Call Off The Dogs’

Yes a lot can change in 10 years of course, and despite Slash now finding himself back in Guns N Roses, this collective is just too good to leave in the past. The band has grown in cohesiveness and credibility and with the addition of ‘4’ they now have a solid back catalogue themselves. So much so, that they no longer need to rely so heavily on GNR tracks live.

‘4’ continues the momentum created by its predecessors and kicks straight in with single ‘The River Is Rising’ setting the foundations for another 45 minutes of good old reliable rock and roll.

Listen to ‘The River Is Rising’ on our ‘Hard & Heavy’ Playlist!

For ‘4’ the band has worked with renowned country producer Dave Cobb and mixed up their recording practices with the album captured as live, but the result remains very much a SMKC record. Do you want old school rock and roll? Well, you got it! You want blistering guitar solos? Naturally! You want Kennedy’s sublime soaring vocals? It’s all here on ‘4’.

With new Guns N Roses songs not instantly hitting it off, we should be glad that this group remains a viable vessel for this legendary guitarist and his band of mercenaries to deliver the effortlessly groovy and dirty rock n rock that we want.

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