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The Lumineers
The Lumineers – ‘BRIGHTSIDE’

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‘BRIGHTSIDE’ represents the fourth studio effort from The Lumineers, a band that shot into the popular conscience of music fans with their huge hit ‘Ho Hey’. Since then the profile of the band may have stagnated slightly but their musical output has remained consistently credible.

Call me old fashioned but I certainly can’t help but to feel that their output of four albums in ten years has slowed their momentum somewhat. Yes, the days of yearly album releases are long, long gone but The Lumineers definitely haven’t struck whilst the iron was hot.

If however, the band needed an album to rubberstamp their credentials and to re-establish themselves in the higher echelons of music’s luminaries then ‘BRIGHTSIDE’ could well be it.

The Lumineers – ‘BRIGHTSIDE’

Starting off with the title track and fellow recent single, ‘A.M. RADIO’, the album instantly showcases the musical talents of Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites at their best. The groups folk stylings underpin two pop songs destined to grace the radio for some time to come.

How this album will be received here in the UK is hard to tell, but if you listen to ‘BRIGHTSIDE’ and close your eyes, you can just picture a long road trip across North America. I can’t imagine this album giving The Lumineers the same level of success here as their debut album did, but it should recapture the hearts of some lapsed fans.

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The Lumineers are an interesting prospect, because back in 2012 they looked set to take over the world. That hasn’t happened, but they continue to make beautiful music and perhaps that’s all they want to do. If so, they’ve managed to do exactly that on ‘BRIGHTSIDE’.

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