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The rise of Saint Agnes to this point has been slow and steady, but post pandemic the band have certainly been growing their cult following and making an indent on the masses. If you’ve been following their development then it’s obvious that ‘Bloodsuckers’ is an important release for the band as it could smash down a considerable amount of barriers.

The pre-release singles such as the title-track and ‘Animal’ undoubtedly set the stall perfectly for the band to catapult themselves into the rock mainstream, and as soon as you hit play on ‘Bloodsuckers’ you have to sit back and admire a band taking things to the next level!

Saint Agnes – ‘Bloodsuckers’

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The record begins with a ferocious defiance interwoven between the gothic aesthetic and modern nu-metalesque sonic exploration. Lyrically this is an angry yet stubborn start with singer Kitty Austen full of hatred but offering hope such as “…never feel afraid to be the outsider, I promise you’re never alone, because what the fuck do they know…” on the biting ‘Outsider’.

As the album develops you begin to hear a more diverse palate of musical and lyrical delivery with the likes of ‘This Is Not The End’ and ‘At War With Myself’ and ‘Forever and Ever’ making this more of a well rounded record.

There is still plenty of rage on the second half of the album however with the double header of ‘Middle Finger’ and the Mimi Barks featuring ‘Body Bag’ offering a tonne of controlled fury to maintain the fierce pace.

If this album needed to be big and bold to continue the rise of Saint Agnes, then the band has delivered exactly the record that was called for.

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