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Skinny Lister

Shanty Punk

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Over the past decade, Skinny Lister have established themselves as a phenomenal live act and a consistently creative band on record. Now on their sixth studio album they do their best to merge these two qualities.

‘Shanty Punk’ has been written and recorded with an aim of capturing the essence of the bands live shows and putting it on record. This is a notoriously difficult thing to do but is something which Skinny Lister has managed to achieve well here.

Over their previous albums fans have come to expect drunken sing-a-long anthems full of folk punk crossover with a sprinkling of shanty call and response fun. This album goes all in on the themes and musical overtures that the band have perfected. ‘Shanty Punk’ is the most ‘Skinny Lister’ Skinny Lister album that the band have made, and it’s glorious!

Skinny Lister – ‘Mantra’

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There are plenty of those famous sing-a-longs on ‘Shanty Punk’ with the likes of ‘Company of the Bar’, ‘Down on the Barrier’ and the Party George featuring ‘William Harker’ sure to be set staples for years to come. Shanty’s are covered with ’13 Miles’ and ‘Mantra’ acts as a traditional poignant tale.

If you’ve ever seen Skinny Lister live then you’ll know what the band are all about, and if you haven’t – where have you been! The bands reputation has already been well earned, but if any album could act as an introduction for the uninitiated it would be ‘Shanty Punk’.

The band should be proud to have managed to truly capture their spirit and soul across the eleven tracks and ultimately ‘Shanty Punk’ must be heralded as possibly their very best collection of songs so far.

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