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Don Broco

Amazing Things

Don Broco Amazing Things
Don Broco – ‘Amazing Things’

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As with many album releases in the pandemic era, the release of ‘Amazing Things’ from Don Broco has seen its fair share of issues. With the arrival date for the record already delayed once, the date of the physical release has again been delayed, but thankfully the digital release is now here.

This is the fourth studio album from a band that has grown naturally over the course of their career to the point of headlining Wembley Arena in February 2019. Continued momentum is essential for bands and the pandemic has played havoc for many.

Don Broco have a tour scheduled to happen imminently so the release of ‘Amazing Things’ now is very important for the groups trajectory. More important though is the quality of the album. After all we’ve seen poor albums completely kill the momentum of much heralded bands in recent years.

Don Broco – ‘Gumshield’

The long process of getting this album out has seen a number of tracks come out ahead of its release. ‘Gumshield’, ‘Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan’, ‘Endorphins’, ‘One True Prince’ and ‘Uber’ all whet the appetite and hinted at the quality and ambition of ‘Amazing Things’.

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Thankfully for the band the preview, glimpses and hints all manifest themselves as an album of pure, unadulterated, adrenaline-filled pop rock pleasure. This is a fun collection of songs which all present as being built to be played live.

As you listen you can visualise the crowd reactions that the songs are bound to elicit. Far from being a momentum killer, ‘Amazing Things’ is set to push the band on to… well, amazing things!

Whilst that may be a cheesy pun, it fits, because Don Broco have always had a cheesy coolness about them. They may not take themselves too seriously, but the music industry should certainly take them seriously as the future of rock.

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